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Complaints Procedure

Lodging a complaint

The services offered at the Commission are free of charge.

Complaints are received by way of a designated form, the Help Form - Kiswahili, Help Form - English.

The Help Form should be completed by the person who wishes to lodge a complaint and duly signed. Where it is someone else lodging a complaint on behalf of another, an authorization letter must be availed to the ACC confirming the same.

The Help Form, where necessary should be accompanied by copies of:

  • National ID, Passport or other Identification document
  • Authorization letter where one is lodging a complaint on behalf of another.
  • Instruction notes, 
  • Proof of payment e.g receipts, MPESA statement, bank statement, cheques
  • Correspondence with advocate e.g letters, emails, messages e.t.c
  • Police abstract, 
  • Title documents, 
  • Contractual agreements, 
  • Court documents

Once a complaint has been received by the Commission, it is allocated a File Reference Number and Tracking Number and undergoes the enumerated processes in the respective divisions starting from the Review and Investigation Division.

Download the help form here Form - Kiswahili, Form - English.

Complaints Not handled by ACC

The Commission does not deal with complaints relating to: –

  • A State Counsel
  • A Court Staff, Judges or Magistrates.