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Review and Investigations

The Division is responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing, assessing and investigating complaints received by the Commission. 
  • Attending to walk-in clients and advising clients on their complaints,
  • Recommends complaint files for closure, to the In-House Alternative Dispute Resolution or Prosecution Division.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Division

The Commission promotes reconciliation, encourages and facilitates amicable settlements of Complaints between Advocates and Complainants through its IN-HOUSE Alternative Dispute Resolution Division. Hence the In-House Alternative Dispute Resolution (IHADR) Division:

  • Subjects Complaints against Advocates to the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism through the IHADR sessions.
  • Ensures compliance by the parties to the terms of agreements entered into during the IHADR sessions.
  • Where the IHADR mechanism fails, the Division refers the Complaint to the Prosecution Division.

Registry and Support Services

The Division is responsible for records management including: 

  • Receiving complaints from members of the public,
  • Receiving and sending out correspondences and pleadings on behalf of the Commission
  • Opening of new files, digitization, retrieval and retention of records, 


The Division is tasked with the following: -

  • Drafting and filing charges of Professional Misconduct against advocates at the Advocates Disciplinary Committee/Tribunal.
  • Prosecuting advocates for Professional Misconduct at the Advocates Disciplinary Committee/Tribunal.
  • Follow up on compliance with orders of the Advocates Disciplinary Committee/ Tribunal.

Research and Outreach

The Division is responsible for:

  • Undertaking research on various issues concerning the discipline of advocates and drafting relevant papers, proposals, presentations
  • Organizing capacity development programmes for staff and stakeholders
  • Organizing outreach/public sensitization programmes
  • Coordinating the conduct of legal aid clinics
  • Coordinating workshops and meetings for both internal and external stakeholders 
  • Research on emerging issues that affect the Commission and the legal profession to inform policy interventions and reforms.