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Establishment and Mandate

The Advocates Complaints Commission (ACC) is a statutory body established under Section 53(1) of the Advocates Act (Cap 16) Laws of Kenya. Administratively, it operates as a department within the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice.

The ACC is an important institution in both achieving a unified justice system and enhancing access to justice for all.Its object and purpose is to protect the public from professional misconduct by advocates and to preserve and enhance the integrity and high standards of the legal profession.

The ACC is committed to providing efficient and effective services in the handling of complaints of professional misconduct against advocates in order to promote the rule of law and thereby inspire public confidence in the justice sector. The ACC strives for fairness in all its dealings with the public and the advocates.

 How we serve the public

The Commission serves the public in the following ways:

  • Receives complaints of professional misconduct made against an advocate, firm of advocates, or a member or employee of the firm from members of public;

  • Investigates and evaluates the complaints;

  • Charge and prosecute the advocate before the Disciplinary Committee where the Commission concludes that there is substance in the complaint based on the provisions of the Advocates Act as well as the Law Society of Kenya Code of Standard of Professional Practice and Ethical Conduct;

  • Undertakes in house dispute resolution where the parties to the complaint agree to resolve their dispute through alternative dispute resolution mechanism;

  • Conducts public awareness and alternative dispute resolution forums in the counties towards the promotion of the rule of law and access to justice for all; and

  • Participates in the vetting of advocates for appointment to public office and other private institutions through issuance of a compliance certificate to advocates.

 How we support the Bar and law schools

The Commission supports the Bar and law schools in the following ways:

  • Participates in Continuing Legal Education programs on ethics and practice management;

  • Provides articles on ethics issues on its website and to relevant journals;

  • Works with the Law Society and judiciary or its committees to develop and modify rules of professional conduct and discipline of advocates;

  • Give talks at law schools on ethics and practice management;

  • Undertake research jointly with law schools on ethics and

  • Participate in seminars and conferences on ethics organized by law schools.

  • What ACC has no mandate to do.

The Commission does not deal with complaints where the matter is: –

  • About a State Counsel

  • About a Court Staff, Judges or Magistrates.

  • Relates purely to negligence of advocates in discharging their duties

Our Vision

To Inspire Greater Public Confidence in the Legal Profession

Our Mission

ACC is committed to providing efficient and effective services in the handling of complaints of professional misconduct against advocates

Our Core Values

In pursuit of excellence in the delivery of our services, we will be guided by the following values:

  • Integrity,

  • Transparency and accountability,

  • Team spirit,

  • Discipline,

  • Respect and courtesy,

  • Efficiency and effectiveness,

  • Professionalism,

  • Impartiality and fairness