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Review and Investigations

This division constitutes of state counsel and other staff.

The division is tasked with;

  • Assessment of complaints and.

  • Investigation of complaints

  • Attending to walk-in clients.

  • Advising clients on their complaints.

  • Recommending files to the In-House Dispute Resolution division,prosecution or closure.


The prosecution division constitutes of State Counsel and other staff.

The division is tasked with;

  • Receiving files from In-House Dispute Resolution Division and the Intake Screening.

  • Drafting of charges.

  • Prosecuting files before the Disciplinary Tribunal.

In-House Dispute Resolution

  • This division is made up of State Counsel and other staff.

  • The division is mandated under Section 53(5) and 6 of the Advocates Act and Article 159 of the constitution.

  • It is tasked with subjecting complaints to In-House Dispute Resolution mechanism.

  • Further, the division also recommends files to the prosecution division where there was an agreement between parties and the advocate has breached such agreement.

 Research and Outreach.

This division has state counsel and is tasked with;

  • Research on emerging issues and drafting of legal opinions.

  • Updating the office Library.

  • Organizing public sensitization and stakeholders meetings.

  • Sensitizing commission members on statutory updates and amendments.

Commission Registry

The Advocates Compliants Commission registry is headed by a Records Management Officer and other staff.


     The registry is tasked with;

  • Receiving complaints from the members of the public.

  • Receiving and sending out all correspondences

  • Receiving all pleadings

  • Provision of statistical information

  • Records management

  • The Registry acts as the referral point from clients to the state counsel

  • It is tasked with file retrieval

  • Automation of records

In addition to the registry staff,the Commission has two support staff and three secretaries.