What should I do if I suspect that my advocate is not really a licensed advocate?

All advocates must be licensed to practice law in Kenya and have an admission number. Thus it’s important to;

  • Ask for his or her admission number then contact the Law Society of Kenya using the phone number 0720904983/020-3874664 or by visiting their offices located on Gitanga road for information on the membership of the advocate and any public record of discipline.
  • Or visit the Law Society of Kenya website at lsk.co.ke and click on the Advocates Search Engine to check the status of the advocate’s license and discipline information.
  • If the advocate cannot be found in the Law Society of Kenya records and it turns out he or she is not licensed to practice law in Kenya then you should refer the matter to a law enforcement agency e.g. the Police or the Criminal Investigation Department. The Law Society of Kenya and the Advocates’ Complaints Commission’s authority over non-lawyers is limited by law.
  • If your advocate is not licensed to practice law in Kenya, ask him or her to return your file and other documents to enable you hire a licensed advocate.
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