How can I avoid problems with my advocate?

To help avoid some problems or misunderstandings, as a client, you should;

  • Make sure the advocate you are dealing with is licensed. Avoid falling victim to someone imposing as an advocate.
  • Understand exactly what your advocate will be doing for you and what it will cost. An agreement of fees with the advocate should be put in writing. This will help you track your costs and avoid surprises.
  • Be completely honest and provide all information related to your case. Make sure the advocate always has your current address and contact information.
  • Supply your advocate with all documents related to your case and keep copies for your records.
  • Ask the advocate to estimate how long your case will take however; be aware that some unexpected twists and turns in a case can delay the process.
  • Ask your advocate to keep you updated on your case either in writing or through a telephone call or by email.
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